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Jun 9 '13

chippy doodle thing

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Nov 18 '12

some kinda collab between Radiation and i

he made the first 20 seconds or so and i was like “dude this is rad gimme dat” and then i did the rest and this happened

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Nov 3 '12

N’s Farewell (GameBoy Remix)


my buddy greg was posting 5th gen gameboy remixes the other day and i wanted to do one so i asked him which track to remix and he told me to do this one.

wow this was fun

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Sep 7 '12
Homestuck - Pink Cat (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B)

I may as well upload the song I made for Homestuck’s ColoUrs and Mayhem album here, since I don’t think it’s on this blog yet

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Jul 14 '12

I was feeling pretty inspired tonight and i wanted to try something happier and more upbeat than what i usually do. i then came up with a rad melody that i didn’t want to get lost in a sea of unfinished projects so i made this doodle!!

there’s like no mastering or anything on this so sorry if it sounds bad lol

may or may not finish this. i’d like to though, i just gotta figure out how

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Jul 2 '12

wow i can’t believe i was like 15 when i made this

i dont know if i’d still be able to make something like this if i tried haha ;_;

it was made as like a title screen or credits theme for a hypothetical RPG game or something.i forgot i made this and just found it and i’m really surprised at how good it sounds so i’m uploading it!

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Jun 15 '12

playing around with a cool chord progression

i think i ruined it with the DnB lol.

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May 23 '12

Drum EQ practice/general fucking around

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